When it comes to garage door repair and installation, there is no substitute for hard work and dedication. We began our foray into garage doors more than 10 years ago with residential area custom garage doors and repair. From small homes to business, there is no limit to our success simply because we listened to our customers and give it our all every single time. Every time we undertake a job, we make sure that we are doing what we can to move the industry into the future.

What we learned in our experience was that we have a talent for garage door repair and customization and that in order to be the best in the area, it just takes a little bit of hard work and dedication to our customers. Customers who have helped us realize our full goals and who have been with us since we were a small company fixing garage doors in the metro area. And though we have switched gears, we still do the residential work that made us who we are today.

When we decided to switch gears a little and specialize in custom garage doors for homes and businesses, we were scared that people would not respond well to it. We had always been the local garage door company that simply garage door repair Michigan in residential areas. How would people respond to having their favorite garage door company switching focus to custom work instead of the work they had been doing for years before.

Parts and experience

The best way to stay ahead of garage door repairs, which can be tiresome and difficult to repair, it is necessary that you know exactly what parts you need. Usually, custom garage doors are difficult to fix, but if we are the ones installing the garage door, we will make sure that you have the parts you need to repair it when the time comes. There is something that we do that other companies do not, and that is creating a community that is based on trust and understanding.

Sometimes you will need our help to repair your garage door, and sometimes you won’t. We are here to act as a mediator between customers and the garage door industry. An industry that is often based on giving people parts that do not work in order to increase profits in the future. We promise that we are not here for profits, but rather giving people the best possible information. Our blend of honesty and professionalism is what makes us unique.

Call or email us today for the best service in the area. Services that have evolved from small town garage door repair to custom work and community building. If you trust us with all of your garage door needs, you will soon see that we have the experience and attitude needed to give you the best service at the best price. In a world where money is tight, you can be sure that we will give you the best deal in the area.

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